School of Agriculture

Welcome to the School of Agriculture. The School is dedicated to fostering excellence in agricultural sciences, research, innovation, and outreach services. Committed to making substantial contributions to ensuring food security, sustainable agriculture, climate change resilience and mitigation, and natural resource management, the School provides a dynamic and inclusive learning environment in various programs.

Currently, the School of Agriculture is running one programme, BSc. in Aquaculture, and developing nine others. Programmes under development are BSc. Crop Science, BSc. Horticulture, BSc. Aquaculture and Fisheries, BSc. Animal Science and Production, BSc. Dairy Science and Technology, BSc. Agronomy, BSc. Agroforestry and Natural Resource Management, BSc. Entomology and Apiculture and BSc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics. The School is additionally developing three diploma programmes which are a Diploma in Aquaculture and Fisheries, a Diploma in Entomology and Apiculture, and a Diploma in Post-Harvest and Seed technology.

To adequately prepare our students we combine academic excellence with practical experiences and research innovations. The School therefore aspires to create graduates who not only can employ themselves, but also can make meaningful contributions to the agricultural industry, environmental conservation, and food security as well as generate employments for others.

Dr. Selly D. Msungu

Acting Dean,

School of Agriculture,

Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere University of Agriculture and Technology

P.O. Box 976, Musoma, Butiama (HQ)