Library Services Unit

Welcome to the MJNUAT’s Library Services Unit. The Library Manager oversees all matters related to library. The library mission is to support teaching, learning, research and public services through providing the most relevant information resources and services.

The Unit offers access to information resources in both print and electronic formats. You can access these resources by visiting the library, consulting our librarians, and using MJNUAT's LAN to access learning materials in our e-library.

The library also offers training workshops on searching, evaluating, and referencing information sources. It is encouraged staff and students to register for these workshops. Additionally, library provides access to internet-connected computer laboratories where users can access online information resources. Furthermore, you can access subscribed online information resources by registering with our library system.

We are excited that you consider joining a dynamic and evolving university aiming to provide cutting-age solutions to 21st century challenges. Please feel free to interact with our user-friendly online communications or write to us through

Dr. Jofrey J. Masana

Ag. Library Manager,

Library Services Unit