Directorate of Undergraduate Studies

Welcome to the MJNUAT’s Directorate of Undergraduate Studie. The Director oversees all matters related to students’ academic affairs including admission, enrollment, registration, training, and examination. In collaboration with School Deans and Heads of departments, the directorate, in addition, is involved in the development and renewal of all teaching curricula. Therefore, it is this directorate where the university mission of creating job creators and self-employable graduates focusses on. Currently, the Directorate of Undergraduate Studies oversees all academic matters in the two running programmes namely BSc. Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness and BSc. Aquaculture. Equally, the directorate is coordinating the development of more than 30 bachelor and diploma programmes curricula.

To adequately guide our students, the Directorate of Undergraduate Studies has put in place guidelines for admission, fee structure and examination regulations and guidelines for undergraduate and non-degree programmes as well as the university prospectus. These two critical documents are important to ensure smooth running of the programmes and contribute to the realization of the university’s vision and mission.

We are excited that you consider joining a dynamic and evolving university aiming to provide cutting-age solutions to 21st century challenges. Please feel free to interact with our user-friendly online application system at or write to us through