School of ICT and Business Studies

Welcome to the School of Information Communication and Technology and Business Studies. Despite your capacity, as a visitor to our website, we're delighted to welcome you as our partner. Your presence is the cornerstone of our mission. Our school is experiencing gradual growth. Currently, we are offering a graduate program in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. Shortly, we will be offering a graduate degree in BSc. Agricultural Financing and Investment, BSc. Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation, BSc. Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Diploma in Tourism and Entrepreneurship in the Department of Business, Economics and Finance. Likewise, we will start offering BSc. Computer Science, BSc. Cyber Security, BSc. Computer Engineering and IT, BSc. Agricultural ICT, BSc. in Telecommunications Engineering, Diploma in Computer Science, Certificate in Computer Science in the Department of Computer Science.


At our school, we foster a vibrant community dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning, research, and public service. We're committed to ensuring your time with us is rewarding and memorable. Beyond academic excellence, we encourage students to explore the various extracurricular opportunities at the university and the surrounding community.

Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of our ethos. We believe in nurturing a culture where both staff and students can thrive, driving meaningful advancements in education.

We hope you find our website informative and engaging. Thank you for your interest in our school and for considering joining our community. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Dr. Lekumok L. Kironyi

 Lecturer and Acting Dean School of ICT and Business Studies

Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere University of Agriculture and Technology

P.O.Box 976, Musoma, Butiama (HQ)