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The University has its headquarters in Butiama, the birth place of the late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere as shown in the map. This Campus is known as Butiama Campus.

The campus is located in north-eastern part of Tanzania, specifically on the east part of Lake Victoria. The Campus is 15 off the road between Mwanza and Musoma via Bunda. It is 192.8 km from Mwanza and 44.2 km from Musoma town. It takes about 2 hr and 54 minutes to travel by road from Mwanza and 46 minutes from Musoma.


MJNUAT has a number of other campuses in Mara region (map). These are Oswald Mang’ombe Campus in Butiama District; Bunda Campus in Bunda District, Nyanza Campus in Rorya District, Serengeti Campus in Serengeti District and Musoma Campus in Musoma District. Bunda Campus is 151.6 km from Mwanza  and 66.9 km from Musoma. The Campus is 41.7 km from Butiama Campus. It takes about 2 hr and 11 minutes to travel by road from Mwanza and 56 minutes from Musoma.


The Nyanza Campus is 239 km from Mwanza and 35 km from Musoma and takes about 3 hr and 3om minutes and 40 minutes when travelling by road from Mwanza and Musoma, respectively. There is also a ferry connecting Musoma and Kinesi township that takes about 30 minutes.  On the other hand, Serengeti Campus is 131.6 km from Mwanza (1 hr 53 minutes); 86.1 km from Musoma ( 1 hr and 10 minutes) and 116 km from Bunda. Musoma campus is located within the Musoma Municipality. 


The University also plans to have a number of field stations and research centres in other parts of Mara region as well as in other locations in Tanzania. This may include campuses in other parts of Tanzania.  This is part of its quest to expand its reach out scope and serving various communities in Tanzania.


Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere University of Agriculture and Technology  (MJNUAT).

P.O.Box 976

Musoma (HQ - Butiama)

Mara- Tanzania

Tel: +255620863762 / +255282985750

Email: info@mjnuat.ac.tz

Web: www.mjnuat.ac.tz


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